We have put together a few selected reference projects on this page. If you would like more detailed information, please contact us. The following extract from our list of references is evidence of our quality, flexibility and reliability.

  • Mogilev

    Country: Belarus
    Year of construction: 2014
    Project size: 1,8 MW

    Our first major project in Belarus was completed in February 2014. The project is built with the FS-light system on ram piles, the used modules are from REC.
    Overall, in the short term over 60 MW are planned in Belarus.

    Bild zu Weißrussland Mogilev
  • Marimpole-Vilkaviskis

    Country: Lithuania
    Year of construction: 2013
    Project size: 1,5 Megawatt

    1,5 MW Ground Mounted System in Lithuania

    Bild zu Marimpole-Vilkaviskis
  • IKEA Milton Keynes

    Country: Great Britain
    Year of construction: 2012
    Project size: 329 kW

    Aerodynamic flat roof system running east-west with thin-film modules. There were further projects amongst others in London (Edmonton und Wembley), in Southhampton, Warrington, Wednesbury as well as Glasgow and  Cardiff.

    Bild zu IKEA Milton Keynes, UK
  • Italy, First Solar

    Country: Italy
    Year of construction: 2011
    Project size: 2,4 Megawatt

    Ground mounted PV systems with thin-film modules by First Solar

    Bild zu Italien