Ground Mounted System
Profinal FS Light

Flexibility for almost all Installation Requirements

The FS LIGHT ground mounted system can be used a monopod or bipod construction. Depending on the surface and terrain requirements and the geographical conditions, we can select the optimum combination for the project. What sets the FS LIGHT system apart is its lightweight construction which is efficient on materials and leaves nothing to be desired in terms of stability, span and load distribution!

The system has huge flexibility and can be adapted to virtually any wind and snow conditions. This requires adjusting the leg spacing for the relevant system tables. An individual static system can be produced for each project, if required.

Assembly Monopod or Bipod

The system can be built as a single-leg construction with a support, or fitted as a dual-leg table. Both tables are particularly quick to set up thanks to the pre-assembled components.

For more information please see the attached file