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Your partner for creating sustainable and profitable large-scale solar installations

Safety, high quality, flexiblity and value for money are core elements of PV mounting systems. With over 12 years of experience we have supported multiple large-scale solar projects. Whether they are in Germany, Hungary, kazakhstan, Argentina or on a private island in Tanzania. As experts in aluminium profile systems, we see ourselves as your partner when it comes to your large scale solar project. From planning to concept to on-site support. And long after that. Taking the hassle out of creating high quality, efficient and sustainable solar installations.


EN Erneuerbare Energien gewinnen und Nerven sparen.

Quality made in Germany

Made out of high quality material aluminum and stainless steel. Resistant to UV, wind and corrosion, developed in a wind tunnel. 20 year guarantee. Certified by DEKRA.

Quick & easy assembly

Optimized for fast and quick installation. Saving you energy, time & money. Ultra- light material with a minimum of ballast needed.

Highly flexible and versatile

Extremely flexible and versatile mounting system solutions for any type of ground. Over 10 years of experience worldwide with a strong international network

Reducing the Carbon Footprint

High durability. Always produced with close proximity to the solar plant. Results in reduces transport costs and CO2, Almost completely recycable


Make an even bigger impact with your solar projects

PROFI our flexible ground mounted solution

Highly versatile outdoor mounting systems solutions with enormous flexibility. Simple installation on pile-driven posts, works with many foundation types, proven worldwide for any type or soil.

Modulsysteme für PV-Freilandanlagen

Duplex Field for special substrate types

The flexible open space special solution when pile driving isn’t always possible, i.e. landfills, parking lots, sealed conversion areas or stone deserts.

Flexibles Photovoltaik Modulsystem
module-ribbon-slider-project module-ribbon-slider

Making a positive impact. One project at a time.

As a reliable service provider for EPCs, we have supported multiple successful PV installations. If you’d like to know more, contact us today.


Save time and energy and get expert advise for your next solar project.

As experienced experts for photovoltaic installations of any size, we know how complex these can be. Our team is here to answer any questions and help you with tailored advice for your next PV project.