Flat roof mounting systems.

Getting the most out of the sun.

Our PV mounting systems for flat roofs help you get the most out of your roof and create a long-lasting positive impact.


Flat roof systems that are not only good for your roof, but also for the climate.

Our diverse flat roof systems are certified, tested in the wind canal, ultra-lightweight and optimized for quick assembly. Whether you’re looking for an aerodynamic penetration-free system for a flat roof with east-west elevation 10° or south elevation 10°+15°, or a custom solution. We make sure the alignment will be correct to get the most out of your solar installation. All of our flat roof systems will be installed without roof penetration. Variable use of framed and frameless PV modules on old and new buildings. Suitable for all common flat roof coverings such as foil, bitumen, gravel, green and sheet metal. And for roof pitches from 0° – 15°.


Quick & easy assembly

High degree of pre-assembly, minimal need for tools.

Optimized in the wind tunnel

Lightweight construction and yet extremely resilient for longevity.

Lightweight & safe with minimal ballast

Depending on the type of roof almost ballast-free, yet sturdy.

UV, Wind & Corrosion Resistant

Also suitable for houses near the sea or in the


PROFINAL Duplex Roof

East/West mounting systems For flat roof and roof pitch up to 15°.

Our duplex roof mounting system is particularly suitable for roofs with low surface load reserves. Its structure optimally guides the wind through the system, the particularly light substructure can be mounted almost ballast-free. Optimized for easy and quick installation, this flat roof system consists of
minimal parts, pre-assembled at the factory for easy installation, saving you time and money. Giving you optimal roof occupancy, as shading distances are superfluous. Duplex roof helps you get the most of your solar installation and a high return on investment

  • Quick & easy assembly with roof protection
  • Maximum degree of prefabrication
  • Suitable for roofs with low area load reserve
  • Higher yields due to maximum utilization of the roof
  • As standard for modules up to 1,050 mm wide
  • As XL for modules up to 1,200 mm wide
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duplex roof

PROFINAL Simplex Roof

South Mounting system For flat roof and roof pitch up to 15°.

Due to its aerodynamic design, our simplex roof system requires almost no ballasting. With this particularly ultra light PV mounting system even roofs with low load reserve are suitable. South elevations ensure that the maximum possible generation of a plant is achieved and with up to 20° angle of product inclination, the surface potential of many roofs from roofs with a pitch of 0 – 15° can be fully utilized. Optimized for easy and quick installation, this system consists of minimal parts and is pre-assembled at the factory for effortless PV installation within a very short time. Helping you make an even bigger impact and get a higher return on investment

  • Fast, simple and roof-friendly installation
  • Virtually ballast-free for low area load reserve
  • Resistant to UV, wind and corrosion due to high quality material
  • Water drainage guaranteed in all directions
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Aerodynamische Montagesysteme

PROFINAL flat roof mounting systems

with simple roof connection

Our aerodynamic flat roof mounting systems have been developed to make sure you get the best possible orientation towards the sunlight, whether it’s an east/west orientation or south elevation. Our systems have been tested in the wind tunnel and the project-specific elevation triangles are made from high quality aluminum angle profiles. This enables us to install them using the optimal angle for each roof. The assembly is quick and easy, can be on ballast stones, hanger bolts or trapezoidal sheet metal rails. Module mounting crosswise or on edge is also possible. For individual requests, we can provide custom solutions.

  • Variable usage
  • Minimized storage and transport costs
  • Fast installation of the substructure
  • Maximum flexibility
Photovoltaik Flachdachsysteme
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