Pitched-roof mounting systems. Safe, robust and easy to install

Sophisticated mounting systems for the installation of solar systems on all types of pitched roofs.


Flexible mounting systems for framed and frameless PV modules

No matter what pitched roof you’ve got, our pitched roof mounting systems provide a secure and flexible solution. Developed for any roofing this system if highly flexible and can be used for any framed or frameless PV module on old and new buildings. Optimized for fast installation due to high degree of pre-assembly, our pitched roof systems offer durability and corrosion resistance due to a mix of high quality materials of aluminum and stainless steel. And they’re almost 100% recycable.


Quick & easy installation

High degree of pre-assembly, requires minimal need for tools.

Stepless height compensation

For a completely even module surface with maximum energy yield.

Lightweight & safe with minimal ballast

Depending on the type of roof almost ballast-free, yet sturdy.

UV, Wind & Corrosion Resistant

Also suitable for houses near the sea or in the desert.


PV Mounting systems for foil and bitumen

Our solution for pitched-roof installation without roof penetration. The innovative mounting system for roofs with foil or bitumen can be used on all roof shapes with a pitch of up to 30°. Whether gable roof, monopitch roof or butterfly roofs, single-sided or double-sided, framed modules, upright or transverse. The aerodynamic PV system is particularly suitable for roofs of commercial buildings with low load-bearing reserves. It also provides optimised wind suction openings for reduced ballast.

  • Quick penetration free installation
  • Aerodynamic system with low ballast
  • Problem-free water drainage
  • Optimal module back-ventilation


PV-Montagesystem Bitumen

Mounting systems for trapezoidal roofs

Made out of weather-resistant aluminium, our mounting systems for trapezoidal roofs are highly flexible and innovative. Suitable for all common modular types framed and frameless, they can be installed vertically or horizontally. The solution is for roofs with a 5° – 65° roof inclination as well as for trapezoidal sheet roofing made of aluminum with min. 0.8 mm thickness or steel min. 0.5 mm thickness.

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Fast and direct attachment of the rail with rivets or sheet-metal screws
  • Minimum number of components
  • Good value for money


Photovoltaic Montagesystem für Trapezblechdächer

Pitched roof systems for eternit and corrugated sheet metal

Our pitched roof systems can also be used for roofs made out of eternit or corrugated and trapezoidal sheet metal
Our solution guarantees a secure form of anchoring as well as the highest return on investment. Due to our flexible and innovative systems we can provide the best solution for almost every pitched roof as well as for slightly sloped roofs.

  • Maximum protection of the roof
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Flexible configuration options
  • For every type of pitched roof



Profinal pitched-roof systems with roof hooks for all types of tiled roofs

We can offer a flexible solar installation system that provides you with a robus mounting solution for tiled roofs. Using roof hooks, the frames of this module are extremely robust and safe, ensuring your installation can withstand any type of weather condition, providing you with a long-lasting solar energy output.

  • Quick & easy assembly, high degree pre-assembly
  • Highly flexible
  • Extensive compatibility of the modules due to flexible module holder and height adjustable end holder
  • Versatile and adaptable


Schrägdach PV-Monagesysteme
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