Solar installations that keep their promise Safe, quick and easy

Place your photovoltaic projects on secure footing
With our flexible mounting systems for solar technology


Made with installers in mind Hassle free and time-saving.

The right mounting systems is crucial for the success of your solar installation. By choosing our innovative PV mounting systems you will benefit from systems that are developed with installers at mind: high quality, developed and aerodynamically optimised in a wind tunne, lultra lightweight with a minimum of ballast needed and most importantly, optimized for an easy and quick assembly.

This way not only saving money but also saving you valuable time and hopefully getting you home for dinner. Making everyone happy in the team.


Create more green energy and
a positive impact with our innovative systems.

Quick and easy

Fast installation. Ultra-lightweight and robust. No drilling or sawing. Saves storage space and transport costs.

Few Single Parts

Minimum number of components. Common rails and modules. Simply hook and click. Only one tool required.

Got a roof? We’ve got the solution

Pitched, flat, trapeze, tiled, steel, corrugated, aerdoynamic or carport. We’ve got you covered. With a solution that pays off.

Robust and sustainble

20 years warranty. High corrosion protection. Resistant to UV, wind, ocean water, fire and lighting and critical clients. DEKRA certified


Fast and easy assembly. Satisfied customers guaranteed



Freiland Modulsysteme

Ground Mounted Systems

Flexible, super fast. Standard kit for S and M as well as individual planning frames for X and XL. Excellent overall service.


Flat Roof Mounting Systems

Flexible assembly for higher return on investment. Aerodynamic or with roof connection. Rooftop impermeability is not affected


Schrägdach PV-Monagesysteme

Pitched Roof Mounting Systems

Flexible and statically optimized PV mounting system. Developed for almost every roof out there.

Plan your solar project faster

Calculate your material needs with our new PROFINAL online tool

Not sure what mounting system solution is best? And how many modules? Our new online calculator helps you to quickly and easily plan your solar project and identify all the material you need. Quick, easy and free.

Hochwertige Solar Montagesysteme
module-ribbon-slider-project module-ribbon-slider

Making a positive impact. One project at a time.

We’ve worked with many partners and installers worldwide and helped install a range of successful solar installations. If you’d like to know more, contact us today.


Save time and energy and get expert advise for your next solar project.

As experienced experts for photovoltaic installations of any size, we know how complex these can be. Our team is here to answer any questions and help you with tailored advice for your next PV project.