Innovative PV mounting systems that make a long-lasting difference.

When you choose Profinal you choose an expert in delivering and producing innnovative mounting systems and a trusted partner on your site to make your photovoltaic installations a success.

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About us

Our positive contribution to climate change and your business.

The future of solar is bright. Whether it’s e-mobility, large solar installations on commercial rooftops or fossil-free heating: solar energy is one of the growing sources of renewable energies. We are proud to be part of this growing market by delivering and producing flexible, high quality and innovative PV mounting systems that have a positive impact on our environment.


To all installers: we keep your promise

With our flexible mounting systems we can guarantee you will be home in time for dinner. Save, quick and easy to install. Ultra-lightweight, few components and one-tool approach. Saving you time and energy.

PV-Montagesystem fürs Dach

To all EPCs: your solar park is going to rock (and shine)

Planning and installing successful solar parks worldwide requires not only high quality, easy to install and robust mounting systems but also a reliable and trusted partner on your site. We’ve got your covered for both of this. From planning, to ground inspections, to offering the most flexible solar solutions for your project and making sure it gets delivered quickly and installed easily – we are here to help.

Freilandanlage Solar
EN Lösungen

On the roof or one the ground. Small or Big. All is possible (almost).

We are here to provide you with flexible solar technology solutions and can tackle almost every challenge when it comes to location, the type of ground and installation challenge.

Ground Mounted Systems

Freiland PV-Montagesysteme

Flexible, super fast. Standard kit for S and M as well as individual planning frames for X and XL. Excellent overall service.

Flat Roof Mounting Systems

Flexible assembly for higher return on investment. Aerodynamic or with roof connection. Rooftop impermeability is not affected

Pitched Roof Mounting Systems

Schrägdach PV-Monagesysteme mit Dachhaken für Ziegeldächer

Flexible and statically optimized PV mounting system. Developed for almost every roof out there.

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Some of our projects

EN Qualität, Flexibilität und Zuverlässigkeit

We’ve worked with many partners and installers worldwide and helped install a range of successful solar installations. If you’d like to know more, contact us today.


Save time and energy and get expert advise for your next solar project.

As experienced experts for photovoltaic installations of any size, we know how complex these can be. Our team is here to answer any questions and help you with tailored advice for your next PV project.

Our Partners

EN Mehr Netzwerk. Mehr Synergien. Viel mehr Leistung.

Since our launch in 2008 we’ve established a large industry network and regularly work together with key players in the solar industry. Some of our partners are:


EN Die Sonne sendet 1 Bio. kW pro Tag,
20 mal mehr als wir verbrauchen.

EN In Zahlen, die zählen:
Sonnenenergie in Terrawattstunden (TWh) pro Tag: 1.500.000.000
Jahresenergiebedarf Erdbevölkerung in TWh: 100.000
Zeit, die die Sonne dafür braucht, in Stunden: 3


EN EEG läuft aus. Energiepreise steigen. Photovoltaik rechnet sich trotzdem.

EN Mit rund 70% Deckung des Eigenbedarfs sorgen neue Solaranlagen auch weiterhin für Kostenschutz und sauberen Strom. Bei Altanlagen mit 5 Jahren Restlaufzeit lohnt sich sogar der Austausch gegen leistungsstärkere Systeme – durch mehr Rendite aus der Einspeisung.


EN Eigener Strom vom Dach bringt eine Wertsteigerung von rund 7 %.

EN Sagt der Immobilienverband Deutschland IVD. Die Investition in eine Solaranlage ist nicht nur eine nachhaltige, sondern auch wirtschaftlich gute Idee: Die Umwelt schützen und dabei auch noch Geld sparen.